One can come into contact with sound technology and the media
I'm Lukas. I'm 15 years old and come from Berlin. I was born in Nordrhein-Westfalen, in Troisdorf near Bonn to be precise. Owing to my mothers interest in democratic education and democratic schooling we moved to  Hamburg. I attended the Democratic School in Hamburg for one year until we moved to Berlin. In the capital city my mother established "the Democratic School X."
Lukas from Berlin
Due to my mother I attended two separate meetings of EUDEC. EUDEC stands for European Democratic Education Community. The first meeting was in Israel, the second in PuertoRico in the Caribbean. Puerto Rico was a beautiful city with lovely beaches. Israel was also interesting, especially the Western Wall in Jerusalem. I met a lot of new people and gained many new experiences. Owing to certain circumstances I left the Democratic School.
I now attend another school, where I participate in the "Productive Learning" program. The main aim of the program is to gather work experience. It means I spend three days a week doing an internship and two days in school. So far I have held internships in a video game store, car repair shop and in a restaurant. I currently attend the Ernst Schering School in Wedding  in Berlin. Finally, I'd like to add something about my hobbies. I like music, football and going out with friends. I am particularly interested in music and in computers. I currently live in Wedding, and the sheer amount of festivals, concerts and events is what I especially like about Berlin. I feel that work on the radio would be interesting because one can come into contact with sound technology and the media.


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