Hello, my name is Julius, I am 15 years old, I come from Berlin. I have two brothers, one of them is my twin brother, who I like very much. I also have two sisters.
Julius from Berlin
My passion is music, I play Keyboard and Piano and I have my own compositions. My favourite music style is Rock.
I go to the Gabriele – von – Bülow - Gymnasium, where I have chosen the
Latin – as a second language. Our school has projects with Poland and you can learn Polish as your second foreign language also. 
Exept the music my hobbies are to play soccer – since ten years I play in a soccer club – and to play computer games.With my brothers and sisters I sometimes make short comedy movies.
I'm interested in radio, because I want to know more about music production and sound editing.
Author Julius Hübner
Music by Julius Hübner


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