Taking flight


Taking Flight tells the tragic story of the village of Maconda, that, for the longest time was a prosperous village. In recent times however, the once great place has lost all its male inhabitants.

In1812, a Native American, Falcon of the Prairies, makes a journey in time and finds himself in 2017. He shares his story with Black Hawk and Keokuk.
Falcon of the Prairies is a curious man and does not hesitate to act when it is necessary. He knows how to handle and use the right words. After finding a way to travel in time and finds himself in Chicago in 2017.

There he meets several characters, men and women.

One can imagine that he loves a woman of his tribe but that he is seduced by another of the 21st century for whom he is only an entertainment;

tableuThis is a story about a boy who can read minds. He used to be afraid of these voices,  but now he loves walking through Paris streets while listening to all these different  stories, even if it can get a little lonely. One rainy day, he was doing just that when he read the mind of somebody who would  change his life of solitude forever. As a couple strolled by him, he saw that the woman  was excited as she got ready to tell her husband that she was pregnant, while her  husband wondered when he would get a raise.

Written by Sophie Jensen
Inspired by Edward Hopper painting, the play tells the story of four characters dissatisfied with their lives sharing by chance the counter of the same bar. One of them will try to grant them their suffering in an absurd and effective way.

Flow of the languages on YCBS and 88vier, Part 2
We invited students from Viadrina University in our life program on Alex 88.vier, who represented their radio features about international life and culture, mainly in Berlin. They have learned how to produce radio features during their practical seminar on Media and Radio Production.

ayseguelgruppeFlow of the languages on YCBS and on 88vier
The program from YCBS-Youth Connected by Sounds Radio  on  Alex titled The Flow of the languages on YCBS is about languages, cultures, photography and music. Our guests are students from the Europe University Viadrina and two students from Berlin, who will represent their radio features about poetry and theater. 

Les Enfants Retrouvees is a mini-fictional play where a group of children grow up in the Hull House, a historically known house of the early 1900’s, where immigrant children and women were taught survival skills for the future. The play takes place in Chicago and it starts out with a French family migrating to America, traveling from first New York to Chicago. In the play, a young girl loses her parents and is found by Jane Addams, the founder of the Hull House, and her Secretary.

"L' oeil" by Magritte
You all know the movie with Ben Stiller, “Night at the Museum”. A similar story is told by the young radio authors of a French- English school in Chicago. Their plays is called   "L' oeil " in English "The Eye " or "The false mirror".  “ L' oeil " is  also the picture of the world well-known surrealist Magritte.  
But what is the radio drama of the students?

The radio drama "Le pont" written by Princess Lett and Paul Blume is inspired by the Indian art (the statue in the Chicago Art Institute).

The Land of the Nine Tribes

Strange things happen in the peaceful Land of the Nine Tribes : every day, a child disappears mysteriously. Big Eagle, the chief of the tribes, calls the elders to decide what to do. Fast Dog, the warrior, insists for a military action but the chief thinks that the violence is not a solution. So does Little Star, a child from the tribes.

Moderation by: Louise Caffrey, Sabine André, Myriam Driss, Diana Rapolti i Marie-Lou Vallet
Mentor: André Iliev, French-American-School of Chicago
Music by: Prof. Simo Lazarov, Valentin Lazar
Sandra and Afya live in Accra, Ghana. They are 13 and 14 years old. In their free time the students work in a shop of their aunt. Shlomi Berger met the girls during one of his media workshops. Some years ago Shlomi was employed as a media assistant at the Alex Open Channel in Berlin. Currently, he establishes media stations at high schools in Accra and teaches Ghanaian pupils on media topics. Acquiring media skills is important for young people, because it helps them to think critically about politics and mass media, which following enables them to participate in social life. 
Media for Youth from Accra
Sandra and Afya talk to Shlomi Berger about media, the current political situation in Ghana, the elections and everyday life in Accra.
Listen to them!
Interview and Photos by Shlomi Berger


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