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The program from YCBS-Youth Connected by Sounds Radio  on  Alex titled The Flow of the languages on YCBS is about languages, cultures, photography and music. Our guests are students from the Europe University Viadrina and two students from Berlin, who will represent their radio features about poetry and theater. 

We dedicate our program today also the languages of the music and of the photography trought the radio features by the students Paulo and Jonathan.

Listen to our program and to acserpts of  the radio features by the students Elena Arbter, Cathleen Bär, Stefanie Richter, Carolin Teipen, Paulo Hübner and Jonathan Klomfass.
Part 1 (German-English)
Part 1 (German-English)
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Part 1 (German-English)
Part 1 (German-English)

Authors of the radio features Elena Arbter, Carolin Teipen, Stefanie Richter and Cathleen Bär
Moderated by Aysegül Celik and Kseniya Manchak
Editor Mila Zaharieva-Schmolke
Pictures by Ulli Grünning, Ensar Akasak and Cathleen Bär


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