theakopieeinsThe Ion C. Brătianu Avenue is one of the main routes in the city, leading to the University Square (Piața Universitații). This is one of the places where people demonstrated for freedom in December 1989.
Even nowadays, the University Square is the meeting place for people who want to make their voices heard. Along the avenue there are small shops and backeries where people in a hurry can buy a snack.
In this area of heavy traffic you can see cars, buses and trams all day long. In the evening young people start lookin for a nice pub in the nearby area.

In the photos you can see the Colțea Hospital and the Colțea Orthodox Church (Biserica Colțea) as well as the tower of the oldest catholic church in Bucharest, called the Bărăția Church (Biserica Bărăția). 

At the intersection of Ion C. Brătianu Avenue and Carol the Ist Avenue stands the „I.L. Caragiale” National Theater. The building with the brown roof is a symbol of culture in Bucharest, hosting around 50 plays every month. 
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Avenue Ion C. Brătianu
Despite temperatures reaching -15 degrees Celsius, in the center of Bucharest people are in a hurry. You can tell it’s the first workday after the winter vacation. Everybody wants to catch up on their work, so the cold doesn’t matter any more. Only the winter decorations, the Christmas tree at the University Square and a few fireworks remind the passersby of the recent New Year's Eve celebration. 
Everyone hopes for a prosperous 2015. For now, they are all busy. 
Ion C. Brătianu Avenue
Tabiet Teahouse, Bucharest
Tabiet Teahouse is the meeting place of young people in Bucharest who are in love with board games, flavoured tea and delicious cakes.
The usual customer works for an international company, is open minded and likes challenges. That’s why they rather come here and play games, then just drink something in a normal pub or coffeehouse. In this warm and friendly place, people make new friends and forget about the busy day at the office. They learn about board games or they explain them to the others and they play while drinking a hot tea or eating a homemade cake…
No one thinks about the cold outside. Inside there’s only laughter and people making holiday plans.
Tabiet Tea House from Bucharest, part one
Tabiet Tea House from Bucharest, part two
Tabiet Tea House, part three
Text, photos and audio file by Carmen Stancu
Translator Mihaela Vochin


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