My language means my culture
 (English, Hebrew, Ladino, Bulgarian)

The language reflects the mentality, traditions and emotions. It tells the history of particular culture. The other way round,  from their own culture and history people develop a certain language system with some exceptions and rules. An international language such as English helps us obviously to communicate but it cannot replace the mother language.

In our international project we present the languages that can be categorized according to the particular language families, they are the groups of the Germanic, Slavic, Altaic, Romanic, Afroasiatic, Indogermanic and Sino-Tibetan languages.
Listen to the further languages that are hardly spoken in the streets of central European cities as Bulgarian and Ladino. What Ladino is you can find out from our broadcast!


My language means my culture
Radio documentary "Mother language-multilinualism"

Partners: Hebrew school Dimcho Debeljanov Sofia, Ms. Beka Lazarova, Dr. Sofi Danon, Ottoman-Turkish Sephardic Cultural Research Center Istanbul, and Ms. Karen Sarhon, Bulgarian National Radio.



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