Saly is a team member of the radio station at the Hebrew High School Dimcho Debeljanov in Sofia.
Ivajlo Ivanov is the mentor of the young reporters, who produce radio drama, radio shows and features in Bulgarian, English and Hebrew. 
Listen to their latest radio program about history and traditions. It is called:Waste of time.
The drug wars between Great Britain and China, traditional celebrations called Tryphon Zarezan and Saint Valentin are topics of the program.
Waste of time
On the microphone: Saly
Moderation by Lore Kölker


The Euroradio from Nantes is our program partner. Here you can listen to some articles from the morning show, in French „La matinale“.


The headline of the weekly newspaper "Malta today" on the proposal to reinforce gender quotes in European enterprises. Dario Groppi.

News from the EU with Cyrill Duyar.

The modern times of Thibault Dumas. The topic of the week: the price of bread

What voice should we give to Europe? In the face of with drawal and uniformity, Eur@dioNantes responds with openness and diversity.Eur@dioNantes is a local, European radio school. Its objective: to promote European citizenship, in its everyday form.


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