"Sadly, true Christian worship in the Hagia Sophia was silenced long ago. In 1453, the Ottoman Empire conquered the city of Constantinople. The Ottomans were Muslims. They changed the city name to Istanbul and converted the Orthodox Christian cathedral into a mosque. Now it is a museum, and music is banned." (WORLDteen).
In 2020 a subsequent decree of the President of Turkey ordered the reclassification of
Hagia Sophia as a mosque.

moischeegroupThe Roma minority from the towns of Plovdiv and Rakovski in Bulgaria

French-German project 

The reason of our research in the city of Plovdiv, located in the Region of Trakia was to learn about the situation of the local Roma minority. For better understanding of the cultural context, we met representatives of different communities and ethnic groups. We also left Plovdiv and went to the town of Rakovski, where most of the inhabitants are Catholic Christians while the majority group in Bulgaria are Orthodox Christians. The pictures of the Roma communities in Plovdiv and Rakovski are from the cultural and social aspect very different. You can learn more about it in our broadcast.

Cultural mix and mountainous landscape


The radio students from Sofia University in Bulgaria Petya, Plamena, Poly, Marchela and Tanita will share with you how they see and feel their life in the capital. The feature story is called "From dawn till dusk".It represents one whole day in Sofia - university life, short walk to Vitosha Mountain, which is very close to the centre, leisure activities, cultural sight of Sofia and nightlife.

Listen to our broadcast with the title: YCBS and the 19. Karlsruhe Dialogues, that discuss Global DemocraCITIES and growing and changing cities and try to find solutions for the problems that result from that.
At the example of Changify and The Princess Gardens you can see, what public participation can achieve. Interviews with Prof. Benjamin Barber, Esra Nilgün Mirze and Mila Zaharieva-Schmolke complete our current program.


Give cities a chance – Global Cities, 19. Karlsruhe Dialogues in the 300. anniversary year of Karlsruhe "The nation-states failed", whether climate change, or democracy or dept crisis: According to Benjamin R. Barber every country will founder on nearly all of the problems of the 21. century. International political organizations did not manage to put societies on track of democracy, says Prof. Benjamin Barber in his ceremonial address at the 19.  Karlsruhe Dialogues, which started on 27. February.

Daily talk show by Salome Apkhazishvili.People in Tbllisis streets asking for help.The coming audio story is about people in Tbilisi who stand in the streets day and night and ask for help. 

Reporter from the street:

"Now I’m on the main avenue of the city and I am going to walk from one subway station to another, it’s about 400meter’s walk. I’m sure you see these people, beggars’ every day. I think we should remind our government and society about the people in the streets.



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