YCBS in the Polish Press
One article about YCBS in the magazine "Nowa Szkola" written by Lidka Pokrzycka, prefessor in Media Science from Lublin.  February/March 2016.
Award for YCBS
We're happy to announce YCBS received an award from the Quartiers Management of Wedding for the best project in the neighborhood in Berlin!
Children of freedom
Protests, culture, youth and the radio feature: Children of Freedom – these are the topics of the next even organized by YCBS.
When: 25.06.2015, 7 p.m.
Where: Bulgarisches Kultur Institut Berlin
Leipziger Str. 114
10117 Berlin
YCBS celebrates its 3rd Birthday 
We are celebrating the 3rd anniversary of the international youth radio YCBS-Youth Connected By Sounds in Berlin! We would like to invite you to the YCBS Party with live performances, music, multimedia and dance. 
Radio GIPA from Georgia and YCBS have partnership
Radio GIPA is the first student radio station in Georgia. 
It is run by students and fresh alumni, who create content and manage programming. The station broadcasts music, news, talk and entertainment shows. 
Radio GIPA rebroadcasts radio programs donated by the National Public Radio (NPR). 
It is committed to the principles of fairness, independence, honesty and accuracy in its programming. 
Stefan Evers becomes a member of the Advisory Board of the YCBS!
Stefan Evers is a German politician of the CDU (Christian Democratic Union) and since 2011 a member of the Berlin Deputy House and Deputy Chairman of the CDU-Fraction.Stefan Evers started his political career as a student of Law. He is a member of the  Initiative Berlin e.V. and of the Deutsche Parlamentarische Gesellschaft e.V.
MYCYradio and YCBS have a partnership 
Two radio documentaries on Marseille and also the radio feature "Crossing barriers-striving for harmony" will be broadcasted by the International Radio MYCY over the next three weeks. So make sure you tune in to http://mycyradio.eu/ on Saturday from 2pm.
Cooperation with the European University Viadrina
YCBS and the Faculty of  Cultural Science and Language at the European Viadrina University in Frankfurt an der Oder start a cooperation in the context of conducting of practical lectures with students on the topic transnational media and intercultural communication.
During the lectures the students will learn  radio programming in different languages and how to present contents for recipients from different cultural backgrounds.
Cooperation with the University "St. Kliment Ochridski" from Sofia
YCBS and the Faculty for Mass-media and Communication start a cooperation in the field of radio feature production and conducting radio projects. The radio features produced by the students will be broadcasted by YCBS and its radio partners.
"The'Languages' of the River" on air!
The project „The “Languages” of the River – a German-Czech youth radio project along the Elbe” has been completed by German Environmental Activists and YCBS!
Students from the Czech Republic and from Germany produced five radio features on the project topic. Listen to them here:
Kseniya Manchak from Lemberg is our intern
Kseniya Manchak is 26 years old. She comes from Lviv, Ukraine. It used to be a Polish and Austrian city but now it belongs to Ukraine. There is a legend saying that the founder of Lviv King Danylo Galyckyj named the city after his son – Lew meaning a lion in Ukrainian. That’s why the name Lviv actually means: “a city of Lion”.
Kseniya is half Polish, half Ukrainian and has got two mother languages - Polish and Ukrainian. She can also speak Russian fluently. 
Microphone and music bring us closer. City portraits from another point of view 
First gathering in Marseille, the European Capital of Culture 2013
Goethe Institute Paris and YCBS are authors of the project.
Youngsters from Germany, France and Tunisia record in their own radio features the life realities in their cities. What do they wish for their cities and the future? Basing on conducted interviews they will write and also discuss their texts as well as supported by musicians they will produce songs for radio features.
Lukas is our intern from Berlin
Lukas is 15 years old and comes from Berlin. He was born in Nordrhein-Westfalen, in Troisdorf near Bonn to be precise. Owing to his mothers interest in democratic education and democratic schooling the family moved to  Hamburg and later to Berlin. 
Lukas feels that work on the radio would be interesting because one can come into contact with sound technology and the media.
Anna from the divided city Guben/Gubin is our intern
Anna Lewandowska is 23 years old. She comes from Gubin in Poland – a town that is located on the Polish-German border. Formerly, Gubin was a part of a German town – Guben that after the Second World War was divided into a Polish and German part - Gubin and Guben.
“Cultural diversity enriches us” Amanda from Brazil says
Amanda is an intern at YCBS
Amanda Navacinsk Ferreira is 21 years old and has been living in Sao Paulo, Brazil since her birth. Amandas ancestors are from Lithuania and Brazil.  She is learning the German language for four years now because she likes the language and has a keen interest in improving it, her native language is Portuguese and she can also communicate in English.
YCBS is a media partner of the Favourites Film Festival (FFF)
The Favourites Film Festival (FFF) is an international film festival, taking place for the third time from Thursday 22nd to Sunday 25th of August 2013 in the Kulturfabrik Moabit. Films of all lengths, genre and type will screen, all of which possess the particularity of having already been awarded an audience prize at an international festival. We believe that film festival audiences form the best jury, when it comes to awarding moving, thought-provoking films with a story to tell.
Radio Universitaire Namurouse (RUN) and YCBS are getting media partners
About RUN
Created by the University of Namur in 1993, la Radio Universitaire Namuroise (RUN) is an associative radio station whose main goal is to promote alternative music genres as well as to put forward issues related to culture, arts, social diversity and multicultural issues.
The Ottoman-Turkish Sephardic Cultural Research Center and YCBS have a partnership
The Ottoman-Turkish Sephardic Cultural Research Center is Istanbul’s hub for everything relating to Turkey’s Jewish communities.
The Center collects, archives, and documents Sephardic cultural productions to promote the survival, celebration, and academic study of religious and secular traditions, food, music, and the Judeo-Spanish language.
Young Germany and YCBS are getting media partner
Young Germany is a career, educational and lifestyle guide. It provides news, articles and blogs about culture, technique, politics and society. The "Young Germany" website is a service of Frankfurter Societäts-Medien GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, in cooperation with the Federal Foreign Office, Berlin.
The term Young Germany has also a historical meaning. In the 19th a group of German writers carried this name. Some famous authors belonged to this group such as: Heinrich Heine, Karl Gutzkow, Georg Büchner and many others. They supported the principles of democracy and rationalism and were against the absolutism and obscurantism in the religion.
The Deutschland.de and YCBS have a partnership
Deutschland.de is a German online magazine, which is edited by the Federal Foreign Office in Belin in cooperartion with the Frankfurter Societäts-Medien GmbH from Frankfurt am Main.
The DE magazines are distributed in 180 countries. The aim of the magazine is to show abroad an image of contemporary Germany and to inform about German culture, politics, environment, economy and life.
Radio "Reakcia" is our media partner
Radio "Reakcia" is a non-commercial student radio with educational profile. Students from the department of Journalistim and Communication at the University of St. Climent Ochrtodski from Sofia are the radio editors. The equipment the young radio team uses was a gift from the Bulgarian section of the BBC.
BNR and YCBS are media partner
The Bulgarian National Radio is one of the most important national media in Bulgaria. The headquarter of BNR is located in Sofia. It includes also regional radio stations in Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Vidin, Stara Zagora and Shumen. YCBS cooperates with it's most popular channel called Horizont as well aswith the international channel Radio Bulgaria, which broadcasts radio program in eleven languages.
Melissa is an intern at YCBS
Melissa Lemaire is 24 years old, she comes from Belgium. She graduated in Human Resources studies in Namen. Namen, in French Namur, is the capital of Wallonia. Most inhabitants of Wallonia speak French. French, Dutch and German belong to the official languages in Belgium.
Currently Melissa works as a Human Ressource staff member in a hospital in Arel, in French Arlin.
She would like to improve her German language skills. Therefore she decided to leave her job and to attend a German course at a language school in Berlin.
Melissa likes listening to different music styles: electro, techno, alternative rock and others.
Currently she is an intern at the YCBS and discovers the radio world.
Milan Pol is an intern at YCBS
"I enjoy being abroad and getting to know people from many different countries"
Milan Pol is from the Netherlands and now he is in Berlin to improve his German. Milan is interested in the projects of this international radio station. "Working for ycbs improves my German", Milan tells. This summer he will travel trough different European countries. Milan is interested in foreign cultures and he thinks that it is important for everyone to know much about them.
Joachim Zeller becomes a member of the Advisory Board of the YCBS
Joachim Zeller is a member of the Advisory Board of the YCBS. He is a member of the EU Parliament since 2009 and a member of the REGI Committee on Regional Development and of the
RUDelegation to the EU-Russia Parliamentary Cooperation Committee
Bettina Hagedorn becomes a member of the Advisory Board of the YCBS!
Bettina Hagedorn is a German politician of the SPD (Social Democratic Party) and since 2002 a member of the German Bundestag.
She is a member of its Budget Committee and Auditing Committee and substitude member of the Commitee on Tourism as well as a deputy spokeswoman of the budget working group of the SPD parlamentary group. 
Bettina Hagedorn is a substitute member of the delegation to the Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference (BSPC) 
It is our pleasure to inform that Joachim Zeller agreed to become a member of the Advisory Board of the YCBS
Joachim Zeller is a German politician of the CDU (the Christian Democratic Union) and since 2009 a member of the European Parliament as well as a member of the REGI Committee on Regional Development and the D-RUDelegation to the EU Russia Parliamentary Cooperation Committee. He graduated in translation and interpreting after studying Slav languages at the Humboldt University Berlin and the Jagiellonian University Cracow. Therefore his chief interests lay in the cooperation and dialog with the Eastern European countries. 
Crossing barriers-understand the other
School partners from Cyprus, Germany, Bulgaria, North Ireland 
Our partner is also the Allianz Kulturstiftung
The Comenius project on the topic cities in transition and diversity will start soon. YCBS is a media partner of the project that is attended by students and teachers from Berlin, Nicosia, Derry/Londonderry and Sofia. YCBS will build radio bridges between Nicosia, Berlin, Sofia and Derry by means of radio and internet.

Radio Bue is our new radio partner from Italy!

Radio Bue is a new partner of YCBS. It was founded in the student city of Padua in Northern Italy. Mihaela is a part of the editorial team of the ra-dio station. She originally comes from Romania and focuses her radio pro-gram mainly on the themes of integration and Europe in general. She be-lieves that many young listeners can relate to these themes, as many immi-grants live in the city and many different nationalities attend the Univer-sity of Padua.

Hannah Sobocinski is an intern at YCBS 


She has been a part of the YCBS team since the middle of October. Hannah did her Bachelor’s degree in International Relations at the University of Geneva in Switzerland. She lives in Switzerland and is bilingual in French and English and also speaks German. She has been interested in discovering different cultures from a very young age, as she herself comes from an in-tercultural background. Indeed, her mother comes from New Zealand and her father comes from the United States, but she was born and raised in Swit-zerland. 

Digital backyard. What Are (European) Alternatives to Google and Facebook?

Digital backyard provided a platform from which a new vision of today’s digital world was explored: that of a plethora of European alternatives to the giants of Google and facebook. YCBS as a media partner of Digital Backyards took part in the conference, organized by Berliner Gazette in Berlin.
The conferece participants gathered in the Künstlerhaus Bethanien in October this year. The main talking points concerned alternatives to the monopolies such as Google and facebook.
Digital Backyards
Eur@dioNantes is our new radio partner from France!
What voice should we give to Europe? In the face of withdrawal and uniformity, Eur@dioNantes responds with openness and diversity.Eur@dioNantes is a local, European radio school. Its objective : to promote European citizenship, in its everyday form. How ? By promoting the broadcast and communication of European culture and news, while at the same time training young journalists through a procedure of European exchanges and networking.


Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) takes YCBS.eu under its patronage!
The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) is an international, non-profit, non-governmental organization with headquater in Berlin. Promoting peace and stability by strengthening and supporting intercultural relations at all levels are the goals of the ICD.
The Academy for Cultural Diplomacy, ICD Young Leaders Forums, ICD Thematic Programs and
ICD Human Rights Initiatives are projects wich were launched by the ICD.
YCBS.eu under the patronage of Dr. Solomon Passy and in cooperation with the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria
We have the real pleasure to inform that Dr. Solomon Passy agreed to take the patronage over the YCBS.eu.
Dr. Passy is a well-known Bulgarian politician, Foreign Minister of Bulgaria from July 2001 until August 2005, Former Chairman-in-Office of the OSCE and a member of the Advisory Board of the Institute of Cultural Diplomacy from Berlin.
In 1990, he cofounded the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria, the first pro-Atlantic NGO established in a non-NATO member state, and later became its President. The Atlantic Club was formed with the constitutional aim to promote the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact and to stimulate the enlargement of NATO and the EU within Eastern Europe.
Aktham Suliman, Al Jazeera-TV Berlin
Students from the Herbert Hoover School in Berlin and students from the FU Berlin met Aktham Suliman, German correspondent working for Al Jazeera, to conduct an interview and reveal the secrets of reporter's profession as well as to  look behind the scenes of news media station. Al Jazeera is one of the most important Arabic broadcaster worldwide. It was  established as a single news TV channel, however it expanded into a enormous network including internet outlets as well as various channels broadcasted in different languages.
Our new partners:
We are very happy to inform, that special partners joined our radio project!


Shlomi Berger is a media assistant  and sound engineer, previosly employed by Alex Media Open Channels Berlin and currently working in Accra, Ghana. Shlomi has been producing radio programs  with the Ghananian pupils and nowadays he estableshes media stations at schools in Accra.


The American-French-School in Chicago is also our new partner. During the French literature course various radio plays are produced and recorded by pupils. Andre Iliev as a mentor of the radio play group oversees and supports the young authors. He explained that the aim of the radio theatre is to learn creative forms of expression.


The Hebrew School Dimcho Debeljanov and its Media Centre will collaborating with ycbs.eu. The school radio team has a lot of experience as far as producing of radio articles and radio drama in Bulgarian, English and Hebrew languages is concerned. YCBS.eu will broadcast radio shows created by students from Sofia.






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