Russendisco and Rotfront
Russendisko is one of Berlin’s cultural brands. However, the band founder was not only Wladimir Kaminer, but also his colleague and good friend, a front man of emigrant music band “RotFront” Yuriy Gurdzy. Both moved to Berlin, after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Their project Russendisco appeared quiet spontaneously, when Kamienr’s  acquainter organized a party in club called “Tacheles” and he asked Wladimer to make an event there. Yuriy and Wladimer are fond of Russian music and it keeps men interested in what they are doing together.
For their big surprise, at that ‘Tacheles’ night a lot of people visited their event. And right after it, the owner of Café Burger asked them to organize parties every weekend at his café. For Wladimer and Yuriy it was a good chance to continue with their project. So, they started to work, in fact the biggest success found them, after the publishing of  Wladimer Kaminer ‘s book, called after the band “Russendisco”. Let’s now hear how “Rot Front” and “Russendisco” became popular in Berlin.
Author Kseniya Manchak
Interview with Wladimir Kaminer Viktoria Balon
Moderation by Alexander Schmolke
Editor Mila Zaharieva-Schmolke


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