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Ethnologist Sascha Starec on interactive museums, radio and migration
Radio and migration
(Persian, English)
Sascha Starec is a Slovenian ethnologist visiting the Jugendmuseum Berlin-Schöneberg in order to gather some data so that the work on her PhD thesis can progress.
Radio and migration
In the course of her topic she compares the pedagogic methods applied in museums in Berlin to the methods used in Slovenian capital city – Ljubljana but also in Celje. The Berliner Jugendmuseum inspired her to establish her own small museum in her homeland that would resemble the German precursor. Moreover, Sascha mentioned an unknown story about migration of Slovenian women to Egypt. During the II World War, they were forced to leave their homeland and head for Egypt where they were given a job as 
nursemaids by Jewish and Coptic families.


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