I looked into your project on the internet and I must say I am impressed. Bringing youth together in this creative way and at the same time conveying active as well as passive media competence is a great idea and I hope that young people will intensively use this possibility.

Gerald Häfner, Member of the European Parliament

I am really happy Mila, that this project is already on the network and that it looks so good! I congratulate you and am happy that we were able to work together! :))

Dorota Wiechec, Zgorzelec (From the project „My neighbour and me. Stories from divided cities“)

Hey Mila,

How are you?

I´ve already had a look at your radio website!

I heard this in an interview:

„[..] It is meaningless to talk about whether to name the country Bosnia or Herzegovina or Serbia when we don’t have anything to name.“


(…) But this boy is right. It doesn´t matter how we call it. We first need to have something to name at all.

Tas Soti, Berlin

(From the project „The bridge between me and you. Mostar youths between boundaries“)

Dear Mrs. Schmolke,

Today my students won the second prize in the Goethe Institute and Institut Français radio competition. I just wanted to thank you once again for the interesting training session we had in Munich in December. Thanks to your coaching we were able to take part in this competition. 

Creating the article was a lot of fun and I, as a teacher and my students learnt a lot. On the one hand  the girls and boys had to learn to deal with the French language, as well as having to overcome the technical challenges of creating an audio file but also with this theme, they could better understand their own culture and those of others as well. The students with non-German roots weren´t as keen to talk about themselves, because at the age of 15 all they want to do is seem as similar to the others as possible. And so some of them needed some persuasion. For example, there was one girl from Afghanistan who is a fellow student and whom we had to persuade to answer the questions of other students. This can be a godsend, because in the end they see that they can move between two cultures and still feel „at home“ in both – and this is something many of them didn´t think was possible or acceptable. This topic was discussed a lot, over many minutes in our audio file and was in many ways very valuable!

Once again, a very big thank you for all your advice!

Best regards, 

Ursula Schweiger, Regensburg

(Franco-German radio competition)

Dear Mrs. Schmolke, 

Many thanks for the fun implementation of the radio broadcast. I am looking forward to the broadcast from Alex Media.

Best regards, 

Your Doris Ladiges-Evans,

Goethe-Institute Toulouse

(Franco-German radio competition)