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Here you can find radio programs that are on the pulse of the current affairs! YCBS is a radio platform for young people and professionals from different countries sharing different interests and passions. Apart from professional radio features you can listen to numerous segments, radio features  and reports that were created by young people for young people.  Here,  you can discover fascinating stories and accounts and set out on travels through various countries. With the help of contributions from the United States, Ireland, Lebanon, South Korea, Egypt, Brazil, Ukraine, Sudan and Israel we will bring you closer to the cultures and societies of these countries. Peculiarities related to living in such a city like Mostar, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, are reflected in some short stories told by its inhabitants.

The daily life in divided cities along the German-Polish or German-French borders, gaining knowledge by Czech and German pupils about each other in the course of the environmental project about the river Elbe were in the center of our interest. Enthusiasm for sport disciplines, music, new friendships or environment and curiosity about the other cultures is a factor connecting  young people all over Europe. Their passion and engagement have strongly influenced and defined their radio articles and features as well as their reports and accounts.Our radio programs stem from different countries therefore you can listen to them in numerous languages, however, mainly in German and English. Stay with us, listen to our programs and discover what fascinates you!

The radio features reporting on the Pomaks of Bulgaria as well as on the Bulgarian Jews allow you to gain an insight into the history and culture in South-East Europe. Since being young means searching for the career path, we inserted some internet links aboutJournalistic education.

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