The Question of European Identity

How people form their identities and whether they do so based on their nationalities or their belonging to Europe is never clear-cut. Identity remains a deeply personal question with individual answers. 

Citizens for Europe is a Non-Governmental Organization based in Berlin which was set up by young Europeans from all over the European Union in 2010. They promote the European Union and advocate for a new form of European citizenship and participation. This project organized a public action in the main train station in Prague and a networking meeting to discuss the question of Identity in Europe. Martin Wilhelm is at the head of this project.

Many people from different projects were present. Valentina was a part of the organizational team. Johanna Suo is the creator of another project called United States of Europe, which tries to establish links between Europeans through art and multimedia laboratories. Inga works for the Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation for Human Progress which aims to increase citizen participation in Europe. Finally, we hear from Richard who is originally Indian but is living in Prague about how he feels like a European and how he advocates for a federalized Europe. 

Authors: Joanna Czarnecka and Hannah Sobocinski

Moderation by Hannah Sobocinski

Music by Simo Lazarov

Citizens for Europe e.V.:

Project United States of Europe: