Tuzla’s sounds

by  Muris Dobrnjić 

The journalist from Tuzla recorded several sounds in the city center, in the square, the main walking point in Tuzla, the sounds of the Orthodox Church, the mosque and the bazaar. 

Read the follow description:

Call for a pray and bells  –  This sound is recorded near the city center. This sound is authentic  for greater cities from Bosnia and Herzegovina: Bells from Franciscan monastery  St. Peter and Paul, call for prayer from Atik mosque. 

Center of the city –  sound recorded in the square, the main walking point in Tuzla, where several thousand people walk by every day. When you walk in the center of Tuzla, it’s hard not to notice the two monuments: Ismet and Meša. These are monuments for the two great Bosnian and Herzegovinian writers. Two High Schools in Tuzla are carrying their names. 

The Orthodox Church of the Assumption of the Holy Mother – This sound is recorded in front of the church, in the ringing time, 11:45. I was sitting in the church yard, watching this beautiful object, and the church doormen were unlocking the door. He held the door for one elderly woman, so she can climb few steps and enter the church to do the prayer.

Traffic roundabout –  this is the well known roundabout in Tuzla. It’s very characteristic as a navigate system for citizens of Tuzla but also for passengers. 

Bazaar –  Bazaar  sound is well recognized in almost all of the cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, because all of them have bazaars, but not great as this one in Tuzla. 

Author Muris Dobrnjić

Muris Dobrnjić  is freelance journalist from Tuzla. He’s publishing his pieces on the website of one weekly magazine Novo Vrijeme, where he worked on data blog section. He is also part time journalist for Diskriminacija.ba site devoted to stories about human rights. Muris also published his infographics on the site of Mediacentar Sarajevo. Generally, he has interests in data journalism and the visual ways of telling stories. Muris holds BA in journalism from Faculty of philosophy in Tuzla. 

The city of Tuzla

Mediacentar Sarajevo

Novo Vrijeme

Many thanks to Marko Pavlovic, who supported the Bosnian team.