„For me, journalism is not only work, but also life style“

My name is Kseniya Manchak. I am 26 years old. I come from Lviv, Ukraine. It used to be a Polish and Austrian city but now it belongs to Ukraine. There is a legend saying that the founder of Lviv King Danylo Galyckyj named the city after his son – Lew meaning a lion in Ukrainian. That’s why the name Lviv actually means: “a city of Lion”. Since that time a lion is the main symbol of the city. Lviv is now regarded as one of the current cultural centers of Ukraine.



I am half Polish, half Ukrainian and have got two mother languages – Polish and Ukrainian. I can also speak Russian fluently. Somehow it happens that my whole family lives in Spain, but I have been living in Ukraine all my life. In my country I worked as a journalist and TV presenter. Then I moved to Germany and took part in the EVS project. I lived in Freiburg for one year and worked for Radio Dreyeckland. I have learnt and tried out different roles, such as that of reporter, interviewer, and radio presenter. I run my own radio show in Ukrainian and Russian. And I worked in Polish and English, as well.