Stubborn Minority are the Pomaks in Bulgaria

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The Pomaks are Muslim minority in Bulgaria that mainly inhabits Rhodop Mountains. The community numbering 300 000 people is hardly known in the heart of Europe although their way of life as Europeans. The Pomaks travel throughout  Europe carrying Christian names while using Muslim ones at home. They speak Bulgarian but also visit the Mosque and celebrate the Christian holidays. No matter for them. They have lived peacefully with the Turks, Bulgarians and Roma for more than 1400 years!
Are the Bulgarians that were Islamized under the Ottoman rule simply a different ethnic group? The scientists provide us only with mere presumptions. Therefore Turks, Bulgarians, Greeks and Arabians strive to win the Pomaks over. Once during the communist regime their Muslim names were replaced with Christian ones. The Pomaks do not bow to anything; they keep a balance between different camps and benefit from various cultures, however, they maintain their individuality.
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Author Mila Zaharieva-Schmolke

Moderation by Lore Kölker

 (German version)