Radio documentary „Mother language-multilingualism“

A country between the Mediterranean  Sea and the Alps – Slovenia.  Katja and her brother Peter live there. In the capital – Ljubljana they feel at home. Katja Presa works for a Student  Radio- one of the oldest radio stations countrywide, she takes up moderating the broadcasts. Katja and Peter agreed to present a bit of the Slovenian language which is the small one and resembles the Croatian and Serbian.
Join us in our trip to Ljubljana!

Peter’s famouse author is the Slovenian writer Goran Vojnovic. He is best known for his novel Cefurji raus!. It describes the problems between locals and immigrants from the former Yugoslavia.

„Languages as a cultural heritage and as a tool for ethnic division“, lecture held by Mila Zaharieva-Schmolke,

8th Hands On! International Conference Ljubljana