You can go home!  Broadcast on SWR2

Author Mila Zaharieva-Schmolke

Schindler’s List was about the world. Compared to it the fact, that all of 48.000 Jews living in Bulgaria were saved from death camps, remains unknown. The head of the Bulgarian church, politicians and professional associations stopped Hitler’s diplomats and the other anti-Semitic accomplices and in this way prevented from murdering the Bulgarian Jews. Bulgaria was, on the one hand, an ally of Nazi-Germany, but, on the other hand, as far as racial issue is concerned, the country pursuing different policies. At the last moment, the king Boris III the Unifier supported the protesting society and together with the church, intellectuals and politicians hindered the deportation of the people to the death camps.

Ihr könnt nach Hause gehen! Die Rettung der bulgarischen Juden

(German version)

The lecture You can go home!