Beyound the borders-No borders generation

In Massimiliano Andreetas collection of clips of two people and their stories they tell us about the journey they have made and if and how they arrived, where they live now. They tell us from their point of view and in consideration of their personal experiences about the issues of settling in in a foreign country and integrate into society. Language plays a decisive role. They emphasize that, no matter how good you learn the language of the new ‚home town‘, it still never becomes a mother tongue. The differences in the characters of the different cultures are also mentioned.

The social environment is pretty small in the beginning and starts growing slowly with starting to work or to study. As an immigrant you have to struggle with the feeling of loneliness for a long time and in weakened form forever. The conclusion is: Even if an integration can not be fully completed, it is possible to feel like beeing a part of society.

No borders generation-the radiofeature

Author Massimiliano Andreetta