Summer Academy on the topics of diversity, integration and immigration 

Amine has a passion for mathematics, finance and logical science but also in general logical ways of thinking. He thinks that topics from the fields of math and finance are strongly connected with Social Science. Amine is originally from the town of Fes in Marocco, but he studies in Paris, his favorite city. Amine talks about life, culture and social structures in Paris, Berlin and Fes – his home city, which is historically very unique. Fes, he said is the cultural center of Marocco where the high society of the country comes from. Amine also states however that is also a form of stereotype.

“People, travel!” is a saying from a well-known Bulgarian writer, quoted by Nadejda from Bulgaria. She likes this saying. “Travelling is important to better understand others”, she explained. Nadejda is working in the field of Gender studies and is a participant at the Summer Academy organized by the Catholic University for Social Sciences in Berlin which students and young professionals attend from countries all around the world. 

Öuder comes from Turkey. He is living in Gazejantep, on the border with Syria. His city is very multicultural and is known for its sweets but also for the Gazejantep peanuts. Oüder is passionately working with young people and children, who have had to grow up without parents and who are faced with many disadvantages. Oüder also grew up without parents, which allows him to understand the problems that young people who don´t have the support of a family have to face.