Songs involving two or more voices and melodies with some particular harmony belong to the world cultural treasures. Many young Bulgarians learn the folk music and promote it worldwide. An example can be a career of 15-year-old Anna Monika who comes from Bulgaria but nowadays she lives and performs in Canada. The young girl became so famous overseas that one Canadian television station made a movie about her creative activity. One of the documented events was her performance of Bulgarian folklore at the Carabram Festival of Cultures in Toronto.

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The sentence “Protschu se Strandscha planina“ means “Strandscha became famous” and that is also a name of one of Anna-Monika’s songs. Strandscha is a wild mountainous area in south-eastern Bulgaria and many folk songs and poems are dedicated to this region. 20-year-old Valerie enthralls her audience by songs involving many voices and melody stemming from the Schopski folk area (Sofia and its surrounding area). Valerie sings about motherly love and a humoresque named Ima-nema.

Listen to Anna Monika from Canada and Valerie from the town of Pernik in Bulgaria!

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