Digital Backyards: What are European alternatives to Google and facebook? 

International conference brought together European innovators from all over the continent to discuss the already existing alternatives to the monopolies and to discuss further concepts which could increase Europe’s place in the vast digital world that has now come to dominate modern day life. YCBS as a media partner of Digital Backyards took part in the conference organized by Berliner Gazette in Berlin.

The “Digital Backyards” present in Europe today were thus brought forward during the international conference, but the question of whether they will actually be able to overthrow the

current monopolies remains to be seen…indeed, the conference itself used Facebook as a social platform for sharing information and photos. This may seem somewhat ironic, but it also demonstrates the reality of the digital world and the overreaching power of institutions such as Facebook and Google.

Interviews and moderation by Hannah Sobocinski and Joanna Czarnecka