„You‘ ll never walk alone“ -so was called the conference for journalists organised by Netzwerk Recherche. In the NDR Building in Hamburg geather around 600 journalists  from all over Germany to  share their experiences and  discuss actual topics around the world. One of the topics which was hotly debated at the conference was Ukrainian conflict. Invited to participate in the discussion ware Natascha Fiebrig from Ukrainian TV Channel ‚1+1,‘ Jörg Eigendorf  from ‚Welt‘ , Uwe Klussman from ‚Spiegel‘ and Katja Gloger  from ‚Stern‘.

Moderation was by Volker Weichsel publisher from ‚Eastern Europe‘. Each of them had different  interpretation of events in Ukraine.

For example,  Uwe Klussman compared Ukrainian crises with War in Chechnya, which led to laughter of  the audience.  It was  contrary  to  what Jörg Eigendorf said, as he was  not so long ago in Kiev  and in the East and he saw the real situation in Ukraine.

For Katja Gloger, however, the Ukraine crisis is above all a story about German media coverage. Her conclusion was  that Ukraine have the problems inside the country and in German talk shows Ukrainians themselves were come too little to speak.

At this point, Natascha Fiebrig  concidered that german media unfortunatly continued to speak propohandy stamps and completely are detached from the Ukrainian reality.

Their talk about War in Ukraine you can hear down.

Author Kseniya Manchak

Photo Netzwerk Recherche