YCBS is happy to announce that we will contribute to preparation and conduction of the project “Media applicability in Kindergarten” taking place in Berlin.The course titled “Teachers’ Tools and Methods on Digital Media” will take place in Berlin and it will be focused on ways of integrating media approach into school syllabus. The participants will acquire editorial and technical skills applicable for multiple media.

They are going to learn how to operate camera and microphone so that their future recordings are of high quality. Moreover, they are going to get acquainted with privacy protection standards of children and young people. The lectors and mentors are experienced in organizing and conducting workshops of such contents. They have been invited to attend prestigious international workshops and conferences as guest-lectors.

YCBS was founded in 2011 and it is a part of IFDE e.V., a non-governmental organization focused on training in the field of journalism, media production and political education. It follows the mission of encouraging young people and adults to participate in the political and social life by means of media. IFDE and its project YCBS provide the tools necessary for media capacity building and teach how to use if dealing with political issues such as civic participation, cultural diplomacy and international relations. Moreover, YCBS and IFDE e.V. organize workshops, trainings and conferences with international partners. Since YCBS was established, it has produced diverse video and audio productions on different topics, which depict the wide range of activities conducted by YCBS. YCBS partners are universities, schools, cultural foundations from Germany, Europe and beyond the European borders.

Course Timeline: End of August 2018

We are glad to announce that our team will participate in and contribute to a course titled „Video Production in School Education“ that is organized by an international radio from Berlin „Youth Connected by Sounds“ (YCBS). For many years, our team of , ДЗЗД „Education“ has worked together with YCBS on projects about radio and video production. The topics discussed at the workshop will be creation and integration of video contents into educational courses. It will provide the participants with the knowledge about both – theoretical as well as practical aspects. The participants will learn how to use camera recording software, how to master digital editing and moderations as well as how to effectively adjust settings and functionalities such as subtitles. Last but not least, the workshop will answer all the questions about editorial and technical requirements necessary to fulfill educational video standards.

The course will take place in April 2019.

Educator  Mila Zaharieva-Schmolke

Teachers from Sofia  Ivajlo Ivanov and Mariana Mitkova