Sevdalinka songs

„The circumstances under which the most famous Bosniak lyric song – sevdalinka (mostly love song) was born, took place during the first centuries of the Ottoman Empire in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the neighbouring regions. The ambience of a diverse social life provided fertile ground for its birth. Such an ambience was a characteristic of Bosnian towns in full bloom, with their bazaars, squares and the atmosphere of the čaršija (town centre), during the time that a contemporary historian, speaking of Bosnia’s capital city Sarajevo in the 16th century, named „the Golden age.“ (Enes Kujundjic, Researcher on Sevdalinka and Professor at the University Zenica in Sarajevo).

 The song „Azra“, EtnoSaraj

The song „Moj behare“, EtnoSaraj

EtnoSaraj with Sevdalinka music

The crossroads where musical cultures meet and recognize one another is a resting place on the voyage of EtnoSaraj. Its travel goes through space and time. Following paths of forgotten caravans of the Balkans it presents you with a travelogue decorated with ornaments of past times but refreshed by a modern sound while preserving respect for its traditional roots. (Mile Lukic)

Art Kuca Sevdaha is situated in Baščaršija, the historical and cultural center of Sarajevo.