Young Shakes, whose real name is Chaiyan Phetmanee, has been making music since he was 14.
Nowadays, he is in his early twenties and on his way to the top. Shakes has got his own music publishing company and talented musicians as members of his crew. In the spring 2012, his newest album will be released.
At the age of 5, Young Shakes moved to Germany. As he was 11 years old, he started to get intrigued with music. When his stepfather was sentenced to five years imprisonment one year later, he was listening only to American rap artist Tupac Shakur.
At 14 he decided once and for all to become a musician.
His name “Young Shakes” does not mean as always erroneously supposed “young beat” but “young Shakespeare”.
His music performances have taken place in Stuttgart and its surroundings as well as in Eastern Germany. Young Shakes sings in English, therefore his music has found fans in many countries and on different continents. His music style has changed in the last years. He withdraws from the gangster music slowly. While rap dominated in his early songs, his current style resembles more R’n’B and pop music. Love, women and parties are beautiful life topics about which Young Shakes sings.
In 2011 he opened his own music publishing company and grounded the Lable European Money Entertainment. In the same year he started cooperation with an artist Ornella Holidae and released his fist single “Sex me up”.

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