Rock and Rap

Two radio shows produced by the team of radio Reakcia from Sofia!  

In the 7th edition of ‘Radio Shower’ Reakcia presented its  listeners from the Czech Republic Bulgarian rock music. So this show is a collection of songs and musicians we like and admire. You’ hear songs by Hipodil, P.I.F, Soundprophet and others.

In the second edition of ‘Radio Shower’ Reakcia talked about Italian rap music. The boys from the group Milizia Postatomica have shared what they find important enough to sing about and why their songs can be downloaded for free. 

As we suppose Milizia Postatomica is not popular in Bulgaria, we strongly suggest to listen to the whole interview. Who says English is the best language for rap songs? 😉

Radio Reakcia and its RADIO SHOWER, Part one

Radio Reakcia and its RADIO SHOWER, Part two