Hiphop and Rap from New York

New York is not only a city that never sleeps but it is a crossroad and melting pot of various cultures, styles and traditions. Its daily life rhythm is incredible. Tourists, businessmen, both young and old create an enormous wave that moves down the sidewalks. Poorness and richness exist side by side.

Among the well-dressed people in the W42nd street I met Mustafa. Mustafa is Afro-American, in the past he was homeless, now he plays his own music on the streets of New York, “…maybe someday someone will discover my talent and then I get my chance on the big music stage“ he said. At the same time, he gave me his CD titled “Original music by Mustafa” with hip-hop and rap, genres typical for New York. 

Hip-hop was established in the early 1970s in the ghettos of New York. The first most important representative of that music style is the Jamaica musician Clive Campbel lalias Kool DJ.

At that time, more and more Djs showed their talent as they played music at parties mixing up pieces of different music styles such as reggae, jazz, soul, gospel and others. The young people started writing their own texts, which then they synchronized with the new rhythms. The rap was born.

The National Museum of Hiphop