Ulli Grüning won the first price for his Insect House

Have you ever heard about an insect house? Ulli Grüning has developed it. He studies Industrial Design in Halle, Germany. He came from a small village in Brandenburg.  In his  childhood Ulli was in touch with the nature and was fascinated by the world of flora and fauna. Therefore he decided to study something which will encourage him to create projects and to show people how  to take care about our environment also these who are living in the cities.

He went to a project competition in Finland to show his project and see the others. Luckily, he won the first price! There, he met people from all over the world, specially, Sofie, who become his girlfriend. She came from Rome but she was born in Finland. Sofie went there because she also studies Industrial Design and she also wanted  to know better Finland, where she had lived up she got three years old. Sofie speaks English, Italian, Japanese and Finnish.

Moderated by Anna Lewandowska, Mila Zaharieva-Schmolke

Author Mila Zaharieva-Schmolke