„The plan of Putin hasn’t worked, he has not been able to separate Ukraine. These days we proofed that we are one country and one nation“, says the political activist and university professor Inna Melnykovska. „In talkshows in the German media were mostly invited so called experts or advisors, who are closely connected with the Gazprom Company. They reported about the political situation in Ukraine and it made the public got anxious about the dangerous situation, that Russia will stop the gas delivery towards Europe.

This is not true, because the benefit of this export is build about 50% of the russian national economy. They also told, that the European companies in Russia will get some kind of disadvantegies and this is simply not true, because if that will happen, and the European companies will not continue their business in Russia, that means, that millions of Russians will stay without job. So any plan of economical sanctions towards Europe can be as a bumerang for Russia“. (Mikheil Japaridze,political scientist).

Euromaidan Wache Berlin

Moderated by Kseniya Manchak and Gemma Lopez

Interview Mila Zaharieva-Schmolke

Fotos Gemma Lopez, Mikheil Japaridze, YCBS