In 1812, a Native American, Falcon of the Prairies, makes a journey in time and finds himself in 2017. He shares his story with Black Hawk and Keokuk.
Falcon of the Prairies is a curious man and does not hesitate to act when it is necessary. He knows how to handle and use the right words. After finding a way to travel in time and finds himself in Chicago in 2017.

There he meets several characters, men and women.

One can imagine that he loves a woman of his tribe but that he is seduced by another of the 21st century for whom he is only an entertainment;

A dilemma ensues; He decides to remain faithful to his first love; During a final trip to inform the woman of the 21st century of his decision, he goes in 1985 by mistake where he meets Hugues, a 19 year old singer and talks to him about the power of love. The young singer will write a song („The power of Love“, the iconic song of the film Back to the Future.)

French Production

Black Hawk and Falcon des Prairies agree to destroy the invention of Falcon of the Prairies to prevent excessive materialism from corrupting Native American’s society.
Alo is the son of the chief, he is very interested in Falcon of the Prairie and wants to know everything about him. He’s very energetic. It secretly keeps part of Falcon of the Prairies invention and makes some secret trips. On one of his trips he met Dr. Emmett Brown in 1985 and shared his knowledge with him.

The Traveling Falcon
By Max Lorin and Hadrien Velde
With : Max Bushala, Paul Touboul, Max Lorin, Hadrien Velde, Caroline Rey, Carmen Romero, Martina Costa, Cyril Iliev, Lilly Witonsky et André Iliev

Music by the Lincoln park High School Combo Jazz Band
Conducted by Chad Smith

Thanks to the theacher of the students group, André Iliev