Taking flight

Taking Flight tells the tragic story of the village of Maconda, that, for the longest time was a prosperous village. In recent times however, the once great place has lost all its male inhabitants.

The story follows the three young women Kalifa, Zimba, and Okinou as they try to help their grandmother who suffers from Alzheimer’s understand that her husband and grandson will never be coming back.
After the story’s climax, the two narrators discuss the events that led to the terrible situation the village and the surrounding communities were now in. They discuss how to move forward from these atrocities and end the story on a light note.

Author: Estelle Brown

Mentor and teacher: Andrè Iliev

Narrateur 1 – Luc Pirard
Narrateur 2 – Finn Marloft
Kalifa – Estelle Brown
Zimba – Flora Kuehn
Okinou – Manuela Tapia
Grand-maman – Ellory Morro

Music: Lincoln park High School Combo Jazz Band

Maria Mascarenhas
Alex Jin
Gabe Quinn
Greg Phifer
Kristyna Dye
Chris Monreal
Krzysztof Piekosz
Frank Serrano
Conor Brown
K’Von Jackson

Directed by Kelley Gossler