YCBS with movie

The Live program is titled YCBS with movie or in German YCBS mit Film. We are glad to present to you one very interesting project called Favourites Film Festival. The audience chooses the best movie. The film productions are focused on social and cultural issues. The productions stem from all over the world and they are already awarded by the audience, the favourite film will be chosen in Berlin, for the fourth time during the Favourites Film Festival.

Live program, Part one(German-English)

Anna Jurzik and Paula Synjawa are founders of that project, which was born in Berlin. In the meantime the festival will take place also in other cities such as  Bremen and from the next year on also in Bergen, Norway.

Listen to the English-German program!

More information you can find on the Webpage of the Festival:


Moderation by Joanna Czarnecka and Aysegül Celik

Editor Mila Zaharieva-Schmolke

Fotos Ensar Akasak