This is a story about a boy who can read minds. He used to be afraid of these voices,  but now he loves walking through Paris streets while listening to all these different  stories, even if it can get a little lonely. One rainy day, he was doing just that when he read the mind of somebody who would  change his life of solitude forever. As a couple strolled by him, he saw that the woman  was excited as she got ready to tell her husband that she was pregnant, while her  husband wondered when he would get a raise.

A man, angry at his wife for cheating on him, marched stiffly around the stormy street  corner.   A nearby horse was fixated on a single thought: freedom. Our narrator turned to the  right and almost tripped on a little boy when he darted out in front of him. As his mother  apologised, the main character saw that the child was just excited about his birthday,  and he smiled. His mother’s mind, on the other hand, was clouded with worry, as she  wondered how to pay for the medicine she desperately needed. This gift often brought  on as much sorrow as it did pleasure. The boy searched for a distraction from the poor  woman’s troubles, and spotted a baby in a carriage. All of a sudden, the narrator  realized that he could not read the baby’s mind.


Radio drama by students from Ecole Franco-Americaine de Chicago and their teacher André Iliev

Authors: Isabella  Cecille  Domino  Max  Carmen and Martina

Inspired by Gustave Caillebottes picture „Rue de Paris, temps de pluie“