Europe on YCBS, Part one

After the financial and sovereign debt crisis, state bailouts and budget cuts, the May 2014 European elections are expected to take the pulse of public confidence towards the European Union.

For the first time, voters will also indirectly choose the next president of the European Commission, giving citizens a fresh chance to shape the future of Europe.

In less than a month, 500 million Europeans will be tasked with choosing their representatives in the European Parliament and define the politial direction of the Union. 

Interview with the politician Stefan Evers (English, German)

Today our topic is Europe and Elections to European Parliament. We have here a special guest in our studio, who is Mr. Stefan Evers from the Christian Democratic Union. He is a candidate for the European Parliament this year, as well. 

We have also spoke with the state minister of Germany, Mr. Michael Roth.

Mr.Michael  Roth,  a  Minister of State and the responsible person for  Europe  at the Foreign Ministry of Germany, about Turkey and Syria. How this countries are important for Germany and what German government do  to help the people there. A lot of Syrian had found their refuges in Germany and Germany will continue to work in this field more, said Mr. Roth. Curiosity of students had now limits, while what came next was the questions also about Catalonia.  Should Catalonia get its independence or should it be a part of Spain, answer  for those  and other questions  we are going to her now. For those who join us right now, I remind you that you are listening a program of YCBS-Youth Connected by Sounds Radio Platform on Alex. And today we are talking about Europe and Elections in European Union. We’ll be right soon after the interview with  the Minister of State in Germany Michael Roth.

Authors  Kseniya Manchak, Ensar Abi, Aysegül Celik, Jassman Radosavljevic, Gemma Lopez and Mila Zaharieva-SchmolkeModerated byKseniya Manchak and Tobias Düsterdick