Späti Multikulti – Come spend some time with Necat.

Ein Zuhause vor der Tür.

Späti Multikulti is an unassuming little shop with an adjacent café on Lichtenrader Straße adjacent to Tempelhof Park in Berlins Neukölln district. The owner Nedjad is a soft spoken and careful worded man who has a beaming smile and crafty sense of humor. Necat who has been in Germany for nearly 40 years, has been the owner of the Multikulti for thirteen years.

The various characters in the neighborhood nearly all have differing backgrounds and ethnic makeup, which creates a sort of communal family circle. The circle has its kinks and bumps, but with Nedjad at centerpiece, it is an example of coalescing multiculturalism.
The story features the daily life from Necats perspective and those around him, and offers a unique view into one the idiosyncratic niche communities of a changing and growing metropolis.

By: Anne Fiedler, Ulja Jäger, and Jesse Lillefjeld
Music by: Cem Karaca Apaslar and Ilker Aydin
Photo: Chris Morrin

Seminar und Projjekt „Stadt- und Nachbarschaftskultur“