„L‘ oeil“ by Magritte

You all know the movie with Ben Stiller, “Night at the Museum”. A similar story is told by the young radio authors of a French- English school in Chicago. Their plays is called   „L‘ oeil “ in English „The Eye “ or „The false mirror“.  “ L‘ oeil “ is  also the picture of the world well-known surrealist Magritte.  

But what is the radio drama of the students?


Once Gary was  the host of a game show. After he lost his job, he became a guard in the museum . His new work , however, he does not like , and during his service he lies down comfortably and sleep instead of guarding the exhibits.

One night at his work he felt in sleep. Something whispers, Gary wakes up, follows the whispers and promptly he stood before the image L‘ Oeil of Magritte. „Shouldn’t  you work ? „, asked the image. Gary was gripped by fear and asked surprisingly: „You … can you talk ? Yes, of course . Maybe you can only see my eye , but I also have a mouth“. It’s the eye of a woman . Gary and the woman start a conversation with each other. The woman told him that the other pictures can speak, as well, although they do not do that.

Author Flora Peteau

Actors Melusine Velde, Caroline Kichler, Flora Peteau,  Milo Bonnard, Otto Loftus Marcic, Bob Luijters

Idea and support by André Iliev, teacher in French literature and drama author

Ecole Franco-Américaine de Chicago

René Magritte Museum Bruxelles

Translation Ksenya Manchak and Pauline Starrenberger