Raffael loves his town with its hill-tops, the sea and the dolphin family.

Raffael has black hair and black eyes, he is a Portuguese-Polish guy, who is living and working in Setubal, a town near Lissbon. Raffa speaks Polish and Portuguese, his parents met 30 years ago in Moscow where they studied Art. After eight years in Warshaw, the family moved to Setubal, the home town of his mother.

As I was travelling to Portugaland more preciselly to the town of Setubal I had visited the small ceramic shop of Raffaels familywith plenty of figures as monchs, the Lyric-Singer Luisa Todi, the woman with a funny sardine hut, the famouse writer Bocage, telling the stories of Setubals past and present. 

The gallery-shop is located in a central and quite narrow alley. One can see how big and luxury shops, galleries and houses are appearing instead of old small houses and cafes.

Ceramic Shop „Maria Po“

Setubal in Portugal

Recordings by Raffael Piatkiewicz

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