Radio Shower meets Original Uman 

First edition…ba dum tsssss… You can listen to the interview,made by Stella and Tonkata, with Original Uman – a reggae and dancehall artist from Brussels, Belgium.

At the end of the show you can also hear the sports rubric of Dian Stanchev, called “Bear on Air”.

Original Uman was born in Brussels, Belgium, where he still lives today. He studied art (painting) at Brussels’s Royal Academy, but he has always been into music. „In the early 90s I was part of the 9mm collective. At first i was a member of De Puta Madre, who are famous pioneers of the Belgian Hardcore HipHop scene. Later i was part of a group named Lickweed.“

„To release tunes and put them on soundcloud, on mixtapes on youtube, to spread them via twitter, facebook and other social networks is a thing that defenitely works. It keeps your name on the map and in the producer’s and promotor’s mind. So yes it is a good way to get bookings.“ (Original Uman)