Womens’s Rights and Gender Equality

Ljubomira Peteva is an intern at an international radio station in Nantes called Euradio Nantes that is also a media partner of YCBS in France. Ljubomira studies journalism at a university in Sofia.

In the course of her scholarship in France Ljubomira deepens her knowledge of politics with special focus on the European policy and gains experience in the media field by means of research projects, moderations and conducting projects.

In May 2013 she was sent by the Euradio Nantes to Strasbourg where she was observing a few plenary sessions of the European Parliament. Moreover, she took part in a political simulation called „The parliament for you“ organized by the European Parliament. During this time Ljubomira interviewed Marije Cornelissen who is a Dutch politician representing the Netherlands in the European Parliament.  The main topic of the interview was a new report of the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, whose member is  Marije Cornelissen. As stated by Cornelissen the level of employment of women in the countries of the West Balkans is still very low. Integrating women in the labor market is essential for the social and economic development of the region, especially for countries that applied for the EU membership. The gender discrimination concerns also salaries, statistically women are paid much less that men holding comparable positions. It is necessary that the governments in the Balkans reinforce labor market policies and develop programs that would improve the situation of women.

However, the issue of gender discrimination refers not only to the Balkan region but to the whole of Europe, where cases of political and economic disadvantage occur more frequently than it might be widely assumed.

Listen to the interview conducted by Ljubomira with Marije Cornelisson.