„Quo vadis Bulgaria? One year after the protests“ Is a Radio project about the protests in Sofia with students from the University „St. Kliment Ochridski“

„Children of freedom“ is a radio feature by students from the University „St. Kliment Ochridski“ from Sofia

The radio feature „Children of freedom“: „We were born in the early 90ths, after the fall of Berlin wall.

„Children of freedom“ is a radio feature by students from the University „St. Kliment Ochridski“ from Sofia

The radio feature „Children of freedom“: „We were born in the early 90ths, after the fall of Berlin wall.

We are the first generation, who was born in freedom…Everything seemed to be over that time: the totalitarity, the political monopoly of the communist party, all of that seemed to be history.“

„Children of freedom“, Part One“

„Children of freedom“, Part Two

„24 years later we fight again for freedom, against the monopoly of the former communists, who became oligarchs and whose children are running the country. Our country is controlled by corruption, lack of moral and political abuse. We want to change it, on behalf of demonstrations, through our attitude, our blogs and discussions with other people, our voice for freedom has to be heard, not only in the social media network but in the whole society.“

„Children of freedom“, Part Three

„Graffiti po vazducha“, Part one

Radio feature titled „Children of Freedom“ will be produced by students of the department Journalism at the Sofia University as well as by students, who attended the 260-days protests against the social crises, corruption and the policy of the parties in Bulgaria. The young people and the citizens in general don’t like to continue their life in the same way, as in the last 25 years after the communist regime failed. What happened after 1989?
There were several waves of protests, economical and political crises, as a result, people from the former communists had got the right in the society.
In the same time we have a strong socialist party, which is the new version of the old communist one. People, who are closed to this party established a system of oligarchy that is ruling the country.

Bulgarian radio show „Graffiti po vazducha“

Raya and Gergana are students from St. Klimengt Ochridski University. They are also the participants of the radio project „Quo vadis Bulgaria? One year after the protests “ . In course of the project we met representatives of the media, politics and culture, and discussed about how to continue the fight for the democracy and against oligarchy and corruption.  We discussed about the possibility to participate in the politics and to influence the society through radio. Therefore Gergana, Petia, Veronika, Raya and Galina will create their radio documentary about the protests and they want call it „Children of Freedom“. All of them are born after 1990 and want  to change something in their country, even though their parents have no hope, that something will change in Bulgaria.

The famous radio journalist and author Svetlana Dicheva was our interview guest in the work studio at the university. Svetlana invited Gergana, Raya and me, Mila to be guests in her radio show on the Bulgarian national radio, which is called  „Graffiti in the air“. The topic of the radio show was our radio project, Gergana is a student of the Journalism from Sofia University. She  supported the protesters in a mental way. Now, Gergana is an active member of the radio project team, which produces the radio feature about the protests these weeks. These protests changed the society, the civic society existed also before these protests, says Gergana in the radio show „Graffiti in the air“, but now, these days, it wakes up and people become active. Raya is another guest of the radio show, she pointed out, that the protest movement, which she attended actively, has the consequence,that new networks were built. There are networks of people, who think and act in similar way. These people will continue their fight, together and as individuals.

Radio project „Quo vadis Bulgaria?“ on Facebook 

Authors Gergana Lazarova, Raya Raeva, Petya Petkova, Galina Kalcheva, Veronika Ivanova and Nikolaj Nikolov

Many thnaks to Mrs. Manuela Manliherova, head of the Radio department at the Sofia University and to the Sound Engineer Plamen.

The radio feature „Children of freedom“ is a production by YCBS and the Sofia University

Editor Mila Zaharieva-Schmolke

Svetlana Dicheva on BNR

Interview by Svetlana Dicheva for her radio show „Graffiti po vazduch“ on BNR, Sofia. Listen to our interview next Thursday on BNR.

In Cooperation with the University „St. Kliment Ochridski“ and the assistant pofessor Manuela Manliherova

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