The project „The “Languages” of the River – a German-Czech youth radio project along the Elbe” has been started by German Environmental Activists and YCBS!

English, German

In addition to two 4-day youth assemblies focused on radio seminars (one in Germany, and one in the Czech Republic) and the three regional radio workshops, there are also campaigns which have been set up for the students to do research about the history, the culture, the people, nature and the environment surrounding the Elbe in an effort to collect material and stories and put common issues on our agenda.ists and YCBS. The project will last for a year. 

Ecological issues are linked to social and cultural issues. This offers the opportunity to integrate the project into different subjects and to use the expertise of teachers. Teachers may come from different disciplines (e.g. Geography, Biology, Social Studies, Czech language, and German language). 

German version

More information about the German-Czech radio project you can find here: Die “Sprachen” des Flusses

Project partners: High School Jan Palach Prague, Elementary School in Lysa on the river Elbe, Schools from Brandenburg in Germany, Deutsche Umwelthilfe

Supported by Medienanstalt Berlin Brandenburg and German-Czech Fund for the Future