Microphone and music bring us closer. City portraits from another point of view

Tri-national radio feature with music

First gathering in Marseille, the European Capital of Culture 2013

Goethe Institute Paris and YCBS launch the project in France

Life at the Old Port of Marseille

Fisher Abdul is selling his wares to the pedestrians. His small modest boat is bobbing up and down in the waves. Abdul works and lives in Marseille. A spice seller is sitting beside him. The market in Marseille is crowded with people.

Youngsters from Marseille, La Rochelle, and Berlin are embarking on a new project – their aim is to immerse into the market atmosphere of Marseille and to record with microphone voices and viewpoints of people gathering there. Interviews, ambiance and their own moderations will be formed into radio features in German and French. They will compose radio features basing on their research outcomes as well as impressions about the life reality, numerous cultures in Marseille and the daily life of its inhabitants.

Youngsters from Germany, France and Tunisia record in their own radio features the life realities in their cities. What do they wish for their cities and the future? Basing on conducted interviews they will write and also discuss their texts as well as supported by musicians they will produce songs for radio features.

Students from Berlin and their teachers introduce themselves in German, French, Arabian, Turkish, Chechen and Russian:

Goethe Institute Paris and YCBS are authors of the project. 

Project participants will attend five day long radio and music production workshops. Experts in media education as well as French, music and German teachers will be assisting pupils.

The radio features will be broadcasted by radio stations in France, Germany and Tunisia and will be available in social media such as facebook or applications. The innovative format addresses young listeners motivating them to tackle topics of the radio features.

In 2013, year marking the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Élysée Treaty Marseille was chosen as one of the European Capitals of Culture 2013. The city with its long history of various cultural and historical influences is the starting point of the tri-national radio – music project.

Pupils from the Herbert Hoover School from Berlin and from the Lycée-Collège Honoré Daumier will participate in the first meeting in Marseille. Teachers involved in the project are: Mr. Cordt von Oven, Mrs. Almuth Bassier,  Mr. Gilles Auterohe and Mr. Lars Scheding.

Lycée-Collège Honoré Daumier from Marseille and YCBS cooperated last year in the course of a French-German radio production competition in which the French pupils won the first prize.


Zusammenleben mit unseren Unterschieden

Students from La Rochelle and the Académie de Poitiers also attend the project.

The Herbert Hoover School from Berlin is a cooperation partner of YCBS. Pupils attending the school produce their own radio features and documentaries that are broadcasted on YCBS.


Translated by Joanna Czarnecka