Plovdiv is a melting-pot of different ethnic groups co-existing side by side since centuries. Plovdiv is an ancient city, its name changed over the centuries. Philipopolis, Trimontium, Felipe and Plovdiv. In the old town of the city one can see the Greek amphitheater, the stadion built by the emperor Adrian, the old mosque and synagogue and many churches, also the Armenian church. Bulgarians, the greek, jewish, turkish, armenians and also the roma people have been living here since centuries.


The cultural mixture is visible in the architecture. Houses from the Renaissance, streets and coffee shops from the Osman age, an Armenian, Greek and Romanian architecture, Jewish cultural center and Turkish cultural center blend into one landscape. The ethnic groups celebrate together hanuka and christmas.

Our group of jungsters discovered the life of the minorities in Plovdiv and its region.
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