Music in Berlin

Elektro, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classic, Ethno and House, the music scene is very diverse. Come to Berlin and you will be suprised how much this thriving city has to offer for music lovers. Students of the Berlin Cosmopolitan School have produced a radio feature that puts a focus on the Berlin music scene.

Their production features several recordings of their own musical improvisations. The well-known Berlin based saxophone player Vladimir Karparov joined them for these sessions.

Check it out!

Authors: Students of the Berlin Cosmopolitan School grade 8-10
Nora, Erika, Jan-Eric, Freddy, Fee, Luna, Aleksandra, Ashley, Tin, Minh, Kasimir, Antonio, Teitur, Jonas, Maxim, Mohamed

Editor: Mila Zaharieva-Schmolke

Many thanks to Tom Fanore, music teacher at BCS.

Berlin Cosmopolitan School

Vladmir Karparov