Un beau voyage dans le temps

Une pièce radiophonique d’Olivia Zinck et Arno Giffard-Bouvier, avec Laure Venard, Massimo Heathcote, Thomas Bonamy, Olivia Zinck, Thibaud Pfeiffer-Burger, Alexandre Olmstead, Andre Iliev, Gregoire Vuillemin et Arno Giffard-Bouvier.


Louise, a voice coach and Michel, a computer gig, live an ordinary funtil Michel downloads a song from the dark web. His computer is hacked and the bank for which he works, losses a lot of money.
The couple is accused of piracy by the bank and the judge gives six months to Louise and Michel to return the money back to the bank.
To do so, Michel identifies the hacker and one of his legal companies and sets up a scheme to get the money back. The hacker, who belongs to the Yakuza, finds the couple and is about to kill them.

The two characters are saved by Le Pere Fouras, a popular french TV Ggame show character, who appears on May 4th and shows Michel how to use the financial scheme technique to change the date and travel in time.
So, the couple goes to 19th century Italy and settles in the small buckwheat farm, which is on Paul Serusier painting that inspired the students.

Produced by Andrè Ilievs class at French-American School of Chicago