An exchange about radio, women rights and culture

YCBS was happy to host Haya from the organization Beit Satur as our guest. Haya lives in Bethelem, Palestine and stayed with us for one month. The first day after her arrival, she visited our studio together with Caroline, a student and producer of YCBS. Caroline also hosted Haya at her home and she will visit her in Palestine in the second stage of the exchange.

In the radio reportage, you will listen to authentic impressions recorded by Haya and Caroline, which they caught with the micro during their interviews. They talked to the Berlin branche of MÄDEA, an organization for young women, Aysegül, moderator at YCBS and also to young syrian refugees living in berlin

Listen to some of the milestones of the German-Arabic exchange, which was possible with the support of Anna Lindh Foundation.

One part of Carolins radio feature
The radio feature with voices by Haya, Nida, Estelle and Chris from Bethlehem. 

Interviews: Haya Bannoura, Carolin Teipen and Shahed Al-Hayek

Pictures: Carolin Teipen


Editor: Mila Zaharieva-Schmolke, YCBS

An exchange supported by the Anna Lindh Foundation

Partners: Beit Sahour Women Organization 

Women in Palestine – the Radio feature by Caroline Teipen

Hi, my name is Carolin and I participated in an exchange program between Germany and Palestine. Haya, a 25 year old lawyer from Bethlehem, stayed at my flat in Berlin for one month, before I stayed with her family in Palestine for the same amount of time.
It was my first time in an Arab country but the small, curvy streets in the hilly town of Bethlehem, the olive trees and the welcoming mentality of the people reminded me of southern Italy. But still, it was different! Besides the barren landscape and the early morning Allah call for prayer which I heard for the first time, being in a place partly surrounded by walls and occupied by the military definitely made me feel far away from Berlin, where former pieces of the Berlin wall can be found in a museum.
In Bethlehem instead, I could feel the tension and my mind was permanently trying to process the ongoing middle eastern conflict and its characteristics.
During my stay, I visited two refugee camps in Bethlehem where generations of families have been living for decades as they can’t return to their villages because they belong to the state of Israel proclaimed in 1948. Furthermore I visited the city of Hebron and also just simply enjoyed the landscape when I went hiking in Battir or swimming in the Dead Sea near Jericho.
Besides trying to understand the complexity of the political situation, I wanted to actually focus on women in Palestine and the challenges they are faced with. First of all, women in Palestine are very strong because they are highly educated. They just can’t always fully use their potential as the society is very traditional/religious. Most young women have to get married early and its often a decision between career and family. Before marriage, moving out of your parents home or having a (sexual) relationship is almost impossible. Through social Media platforms, young women grasp even more at freedom and independence. In order to get there according to Haya, the mindset of both, women and men and society in general has to change. Despite that, I met very open minded people and I am intending to return one day!

Shukran for showing me Palestine, Haya!

MÄDEA – Center for young women and girls from Berlin

Bethlehem – the city of the bible