The students have produced their own radio feature in a course of the 3. Edition of Europe on Air in Turkey.

„Hi everybody, or what we would say in Flemish: Goeiedag.We are six students from the AP College of Antwerp (Belgium). We study journalism but we all have a passion for radio. And that’s why we form a team.

Part One

Part Two

Our first guy is Matthias. He describes himself as a social and competitive person. His favorite drink is Duvel.
Second guy is Tae-Yoon. Humorous and loyal are his characteristics and cola is his favorite drink.
Max is the next one. The perfect description for him is always happy and someone who keeps going. You can make him happy with an ice-tea.
The fourth guy of Antwerp is Steve. He calls himself friendly and helpful. His favorite drink is almdudler.
Marlies is the one only girl of the Antwerp group. She describes herself as an open minded and a smiling person. You can wake her up in the middle of the night for a mojito.
And last but not least we have Dylan. Laid-back and outgoing are the perfect characteristics to describe this guy. Caipirinha with extra rum is his favorite drink.“

The project Europe on Air in Turkey with the Belgian team