One of the most important people in Fashion whos clothes are not only ment for the catwalk is Pierre Cardin. Not only he has designed clothes, he has also designed furniture, radios and even cars. He went to Paris in 1944 to begin his career with one of the first Fashion creaters of France.

Todays program will be about Fashion and Design, wearable objects, the poetry of the banal, Womens fashion, kimonos and Music. Our guests today are the object product designer Jeanne and her sister Marie Madleine Bellenger from Aachen and the creative city of Berlin. But has Berlin always been an inspiring place for creativity?

 “I was too early” is what the designer Ayzit Bostang said in 2002 as she noticed that not enogh people had interest in Fashion in Berlin yet. So she closed her shop and return to Munich.

However these days one can see a colourful mix of styles in Berlin. Everyone walks around however they want. This has attracted a great amount of young designers and creative minds. Now Berlins fashion week can celibrate its 10th Birthday

Part one, German-English-French


Show & Order is a Trade Fair for exclusive fashion located in Kreuzberg. Around 250 international designers, brands and labels show their Ready-to-wear womensclothes and accessories. Ofcoure the Freanch show room is also a highlight.

French Chanson performed by Jeanne Bellenger:

Moderated by Sol Hüttich, Nawal Mrouhe, Ali Nakal, Sascha Salzmann, Kacie Kappelmayer, Mevlana, Zemzem Aslan and Lucas Gefeke

Piano/Liveset Itay Dvori and Deniz Malik

Editor Mila Zaharieva-Schmolke

Fotos Ensar Akasak and Eugenie Dhelemme